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The Cure to Reducing Stress and Sleeping Better


It is well known that exercise is critical for good health, but did you know that the effects of exercise reach as far as the quality of your sleep? Yes, exercise tires out both your body and your mind to help you feel more inclined to sleep. But consistent exercise can improve your sleep quality by helping your body regulate several of the processes that can contribute to insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

 While sleep is affected by many aspects of your lifestyle and health, your body's stress response is a common culprit behind many sleep disorders. Your stress response is more than simply feeling overwhelmed with children or due dates at work - it is how your body responds to stressors in your environment such as illness, a far off court date, or a quick fright from an insect in your kitchen.

 Exercise is a stressor as well, so exercise is a healthy, controlled way of teaching your body how to respond to stress. Exercise works many of the same systems that are activated when you stress about a work assignment. By teaching your body how to coordinate these systems through controlled exercise over time, you can respond much the same way during times of stress. Regulating your stress response can be helpful in avoiding or correcting sleep disorders, and exercise is one way to do so. One of the surest ways to pursuing consistent exercise is by utilizing your own exercise equipment.

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