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If you are already considering picking up a weight training program, you are probably already aware of the magnitude of health and fitness benefits that comes with weight training. But just like cardiovascular training, weight training comes in variety of ways you can train and you may not know where to start out at. 

Bodyweight Exercises

If you have little equipment (or none) and no gym access, bodyweight exercises can be your best friend. And best of all, you can do body weight exercises practically anywhere. They can be performed at a playground, in your office, or at a hotel—anywhere with adequate space. The downside to bodyweight training, however, is that your body weight may either be too heavy or too light to effectively perform certain exercises. For example, you may be too heavy to perform a pull-up but too light to build strength or muscle mass by just doing bodyweight squats.


There are a number of reasons that dumbbells are great for weight training. First of all, they are versatile. There are hundreds of exercises you can perform with dumbbells. If you prefer to work out at home, you can purchase adjustable dumbbells if you are limited on space. Secondly, it's easy to progress with dumbbells because they are available in small, incremental weights. Also, dumbbells are great for improving muscle imbalances because of the added stabilization challenge. The problem with dumbbells, however, is that you may eventually outgrow your set.


If your main objective for weight training is to gain strength, you are going to want a barbell. Like dumbbells, barbells allow you to quickly progress because of the ability to add small increments of weight. But with a barbell, you will be able to add more weight and go heavy since the barbell is very durable and stable. Barbells are great for performing large, compound exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and rows. However, if you are working out at home, it is highly advised that for your safety you use a use a rack to deload heavy weights. The downside to barbells? Barbells require the more space and a rack if you plan on doing heavy sets. 

The best weight training routine would idealistically involve all three of the tools. If you need help deciding on which strenght equipment would best suit your needs, stop by any of our Busy Body locations or chat with us online now.