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Here is a weekly workout routine that will hit every major group of muscles and have you doing a wide arrange of cardio and lifting exercises. Switch the lineup of the exercise up each week to change your body's workout routine and see quicker results.



6x a week

Alternating between the stairmaster and the elliptical

Stairmaster: one minute of kickbacks- level 3- kick back and hold/squeeze--- one min as fast as possible without feeling like you are going to fly off ;)—one min level 7 hands on your hips- do not hold onto the machine and lower the speed to 5-6 if you feel that it is too fast. Repeat this for 40 min with a 5 minwarm up on level 5.

Elliptical: one minute forward stride- try to reach 180-190 strides per min- followed by one min backwards with resistance at level 12-15, digging through with your heels—no goal for strides per min on the backwards run- just make sure you are feeling it in your glutes and quads. Repeat this for 40 min with a 5 min warm-up on level 3 going forward.

This is how your workout split should be to be. It doesn't matter what you work on which days, as long as you do not work back and legs right after one another.


Why not start off the week right? It is leg day. Time to get serious.

Warm up on leg extensions- lightweight with a total of 50 reps- 10reps for each set, nothing crazy- just getting warmed up here.

Leg Extension- here we begin. Do 15 reps and 4 sets, moving up in weight each time if you can. Start at a weight you are comfortable with and then challenge yourself going heavier each set. The last thing you will do on this is a drop set. Start with the heaviest weight you left off on and do 5 reps. Decrease the weight to the next level and do 8 reps- decrease again- 10 reps- decrease once more- 25 reps. Burn them up.

Leg press- 25 reps and 5 sets- use a weight you are comfortable with. Keep your feet high, wide, and even. Drive through pushing with your heels.

Hamstring curls (lying)- single leg (10 reps each leg) followed by both legs (increase weight) for 10 additional reps; repeat this 5 times.

Lunges- weighted on the smith machine. Make sure your knee does not extend past your foot. Keep your shoulders back and chest up- feel the burn through your quads and glutes. 25 reps each leg- 4 times total. Alternating legs and use a weight that you are comfortable with.

Step-ups- Find a box or bench- 15 reps each leg, alternating and 4 sets each leg total.


Warm up with side lateral raises. When you do these, think elbows to the ceiling and keep your chin up. Warm up with 20 reps.

Shoulder press- Use a bench that has a slight decline. Elbows stop at a 90 degree angle. 20 reps and 5 sets. Both arms at the same time.

Clean and press- You can use a barbell or the actual bar at the squat rack (45 lbs). Clean and press it up- really drive here and use force from your legs- do 10 reps and 3 sets.

Front raises superset with side lateral raises- You might have to adjust weight here. You can go up in weight when you do front raises and typically go lighter with side lateral raises. 10 side followed immediately by 10 front- both at the same time (not alternating) – take a short breather and then repeat again 5x.

Upright rows with barbell. Keep your hands even here- 15 reps and 4 sets.


Dips on the bench or a box- 20 reps and 5 sets

Tricep extension using the rope on the cables- hold and really squeeze at the bottom for 3 seconds- 20 reps and 5 sets super set with Overhead tricep extension for an additional 10 reps.

Kickbacks- 15 reps each arm (alternating)- 4 sets total

Now time for biceps

Alternating bicep curls with dumbbells- 20 each arm and 4 sets

21’s with the barbell- repeat this 3 times

Preacher curls on the machine- REALLY STRETCH it all the way down and up here. 12 reps and 5 sets

Hammer curls- dumbbells- 15 reps and 3 sets alternating



Warm up with back extensions- 20 reps and 3 sets

Dumbbell rows- alternating- 12 reps each arm- 4 sets each arm total

Lat pull downs- really stretching up all the way at the top and pulling down to your chest. 25 reps- 4 sets, finishing with a drop set. Drop set: 5 heaviest weight- 8 decreasing- 10 decreasing- 12 decreasing-15 decreasing- 25.

Deadlifts- not straight leg- slightly bending at the knees- make sure you keep your chin up on these- grip is double over- 10 reps and 4 sets total with a weight you are comfortable with- do this in front of a mirror and watch your form closely. When you are coming up, make sure you straighten your back and push your hips forward.

Closed grip pull down (different tool used on the same seat you did lat pull downs on)- stretch all the way to the top and squeeze for 3 seconds when you come down and touch your chest. 10 reps and 6 sets.



Chest fly on the cable machine- Adjust the cables to where they are all the way up and you are pulling the cables at a downward angle. 20 reps here and 3 sets.

Chest press with dumbbells- 4 sets of 15 reps on a flat bench.

Incline alternating dumbbell press- hold both up at the same time and alternate pressing each one- 30 total so 15 each arm- repeat this 3x.

Incline dumbbell fly- 12 reps and 4 sets total

Pushups (10) superset with hammer strength flat press (10 reps) repeat this 4x.


Weighted crunches on the cables using the rope: 25 reps and 4 total sets- fit this in on your cardio only day followed by crunches ball with a weighted medicine ball (Same reps and sets).