We know the holidays are quickly approaching, and before you know it Aunt Sally will bring her famous pumpkin pie, mom will make her chocolate praline crunch cake and you will be sampling everything that is in sight. It’s definitely the time of year where you want to splurge and reward yourself for all of your hard work, but it’s hard to keep that great figure if your over-splurging, so we’ve got some tips to help you manage so you can still enjoy the holiday season while maintaining that awesome figure you worked for!

  1. Make A Plan- Making a plan for your workout routine is a great way to keep yourself on track. Even planning a month out in advance, will help you stay in the mindset and hold yourself accountable. You will have dedicated time to hit up the gym already scheduled into your day. If the holiday plans don’t allow you to work out at the gym in the evening like you usually do, schedule yourself for a morning workout routine to get started for the day.
  2. Prepare for Travel- If you already know a month in advance that you will be flying to New York for the holidays, then you already know that you need to plan for food emergencies. Prepare and bring healthy snack options for yourself so that you won’t be tempted to over indulge in bored eating on that long flight. Trail mix, nutrition bars, dried and fresh fruit, popcorn, or dark chocolate make excellent, easy to grab and go snacks.
  3.  Make it Simple- Make your training plan during the holidays simple. You might already not really want to go to the gym, so don’t force your body. Keep the training simple. If you don’t want to lift that day, then don’t lift. If running on the treadmill for a bit sounds like a better plan of action to you for the day, then go that route. The holidays are stressful enough, so adding stress to your workout routine will just reiterate to your mind that you don’t really want to be at the gym.
  4. Indulge A Little- There is nothing wrong with having that slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving that you have been craving all year long. Indulging a little won’t set back the body goals that you have set for yourself. Eating something that you enjoy every now and then in moderation is great. Over-indulging and having those extra three cookies is NOT moderation. So give yourself a little lee-way, and enjoy that slice of Thanksgiving pie, but don’t go back for a third serving.
  5. Take A Break- It is the holidays after all, so it’s time to let go of the stress, take a break, and enjoy your family. If you are worrying about calories or carbs or working out the entire time, those little moments are going to pass you by. Take a breath, follow the plan of action you have set for your nutrition and fitness goals, and enjoy the holidays one day at a time.